it's all over now baby blue

So the Eternal Summer ended up not being so eternal after all.
With a whopping 95 days and the beginning of the 6 day work week,
I have officially brought this project to it's close.

Sometimes it can feel great to end a project. In this case I will be a
little relieved to sever my daily obligation to the computer. Plus, an
end always brings new beginnings, so hello to fall and hello to
whatever projects come next!

Adios and bests,




Day 93

we were all carefully watching the sunset



Day 90 more island living

While I was surfing this morning I witnessed some spinner dolphins
doing flips out in front of me, a completely magical occurrence.
A guy next to me informed me this was a good sign and minutes
later we both caught an awesome wave.
I also had the chance to talk to a really nice couple in their early
50s who happened to both be artists. They told me they were from
Portland but the man had gone to SFAI for his undergrad...when i
asked him what he went there for and what kind of art he did now
a-days he simply said, "I surf".

Good morning.



Day 88

i'm on a family vacation in maui and it's hard not to take pictures of the sky like a tourist constantly. uploading them here is making me aware of how Eternal Summer is becoming pretty bloggy lately, morphing into a life/art mixture. maybe this is a good thing, maybe it's a little cheesy sometimes? oh well, maybe it was always like this... either way i am embracing it, going with the flow of things, and i'm going to try to not be too self conscious about it. ooh yeaaah ....mahalo!


Day 84, 85,86,87

September 11, 12, 13, 14...

hello Maui!


Day 83 Atlantis

i have finished climbing the giant hill that was the making of this painting!



Day 81

new york notes and recapping

and i just received some wonderful art trade in the mail from dan carlson in SF, thanks so much Dan!

Day 77, 78, 79 & 80

Sept 4-7th
New York

On sunrise flight & sleeping passengers to great cities and friends...

Bed-Stuy Brooklyn Jam from michelle blade on Vimeo.

Thanks New York!

And then, peaking out the window while the whole flight slept, I woke up to find an epic lightning storm just for me to see.

Lightning Storm from michelle blade on Vimeo.